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Tenant Representation



At Synergy all we have been doing for the last 25 years is  independently representing commercial tenants who are  moving, renewing or subleasing their own space.

Our specialty is interpreting your needs, finding you the exact right space and expertly negotiating the best lease terms possible

Our allegiance is to our customer, and unlike other brokers who have a fiduciary responsibly to lease the spaces of the owners they exclusively represent, WE ARE HERE TO REPRESENT YOU. We will never show you "a space to satisfy the needs of an owner. 

We have access to every listing and maintain solid working relationships with the vast majority of landlords in the city. Although anyone can access “lists” of available spaces, with over 25 years of experience, we have developed a unique ability to assess your needs, and quickly begin to offer you spaces that typically exceed your expectations. 

Our specialty is interpreting your needs, finding you the exact right space and expertly negotiating the best lease terms possible

What sets us apart is our ability to maintain an unbiased approach, and we never stop working until you sign a lease, we typically continue to offer our tenants spaces even if they have found a space and are in the process of reviewing a lease,  

We will expertly guide you through the entire leasing process as we have done so for the  past  25 years…thousands of  consummated leases representing over 1,500,000 square feet….all in our backyard, "New York City"

We know the market, we know spaces, its time to get to know us

The Synergy Approach


The Synergy Method

The Synergy approach is to engage our diverse project team of real estate professionals to ensure the most comprehensive representation available. We have found that our project team approach is highly effective, as coordination between team members makes it possible to cover much more ground, while saving our clients’ time. Our system also insures that one team member will always be available to the client or any of the client’s involved parties, like legal counsel or architect. 

Our clients work directly with Robert Fields, (or his partner Joan Fields) principals of the corporation. Together, we create a “think tank” that enables us to look at any endeavor from different perspectives, pooling our experience to come up with solutions.

We maintain comprehensive, computerized database listings of all space availabilities on direct leases, subleases and sales for all of Manhattan. This database is updated daily and allows us to keep our clients abreast of activity in the marketplace, including comparable spaces for analysis purposes. This database system allows us to create market surveys for our clients in minutes and then pursue those properties we deem appropriate.

Based on your response and requirements, we will prepare an accurate, complete and comprehensive survey. Synergy’s project team will have previously screened and thoroughly checked all buildings presented. After review of our submission, we will then prepare a complete feasibility analysis concerning any property that would be of interest. This analysis will include detailed information regarding rental quotations, asking sales prices, loss factors, escalation provisions, electrical costs, tenant work letter, ratio of elevators per square foot and all other factors that may have an impact on the desirability of the buildings. We will then make comparisons to determine which building best suits your organization’s needs. Then, we arrange for all involved parties to this project to view each possible location. Finally, we guide our clients in the preparation of advantageous proposals to be submitted by us personally to potential lessors or sellers, and are actively involved in negotiating lease or sales contracts with our client’s legal counsel

Rely on Synergy - Experience sets us apart



Why Use Synergy Realty Inc.? 

Since 1990, Synergy Realty Inc. has been providing our customers with the most complete array of commercial leasing services, from previewing each and every space before showing to negotiating the most complex leasing terms our experience saves you time and money allowing you to focus on your job while we provide you with every aspect of a commercial real estate transaction